We will attempt to answer some of your pressing questions about the Passport 2 History program here. Yes, right here! However, if you don't find the answer you can always contact us directly. We would enjoy hearing from you.
  1. What is "Passport 2 History"?
    "Passport 2 History" is an ongoing program linking together many of the historical venues in Central and Southern California. Visitors will be introduced to the wealth of historical places, people and stories that represent the foundations of this "Golden State".
  2. How does "Passport 2 History" work?
    Passport holders are invited to visit as many locations as possible and have their passports stamped. Visitors who collect 25 or 50 of the authorized seals must return to the Leonis Adobe Museum to receive a voucher redeemable at the Sagebrush Cantina. Additional discounts and special benefits may be available at some participating locations.
  3. How do visitors get the actual Passport?
    Visitors will be issued a Passport at the Leonis Adobe Museum or any other participating site that carries the Passport. The Passport will include a page for each of the participating venues, including locations and descriptions.
  4. Where do visitors begin the "Passport 2 History" program?
    Your adventure can begin at any of the participating historical sites. Visitors may be able to purchase a Passport 2 History booklet and at most participating historic sites but can always obtain one from the Leonis Adobe Museum. Visitors will receive their Passport booklet, information and instructions, as well as suggestions to maximize the enjoyment of their experience as they visit the many different venues.
  5. How do visitors locate each participating museum, historical site or venue?
    In the Passport, they will find a page for each location, with a description of the site, address, hours, and passport discounts. Visitors may also receive a brochure with the county locations of all the participating venues. Visitors can also visit our website www.passport2history.com where they will be able to use our interactive map for more information and to locate nearby locations.
  6. Can visitors start the program at any of the participating locations?
    Yes, they can pick up a Passport at participating sites. If the site is out of Passports, visitors can collect and save their authorized passport seals from the participating location prior to receiving their passport book.
  7. When a visitor arrives at a site with their passport, should they tell someone they are part of the program?
    Yes, visitors should present their passport to receive the authorized seal.
  8. Is this program recommended for children? What ages?
    Visitors of all ages will enjoy visiting California’s historical sites. For example, at the Leonis Adobe, in addition to the historical buildings, there are sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, cattle and horses.
  9. Is there a cost or fee involved?
    Guest can purchase “Passport 2 History” Booklet for $5.00; however at each venue the usual entry fees will apply.
  10. After a passport holder has visited several sites, are there prizes or benefits?
    Visitors who collect 25 or 50 authorized seals should return to the Leonis Adobe to receive a voucher redeemable at the Sagebrush Cantina. Additional discounts and special benefits may be available at various locations.
  11. How many participating museums and historical sites are there?
    There are currently "85" historical museums, missions and venues participating in the "Passport 2 History" program.
  12. How long will the "Passport 2 History" program continue?
    The "Passport 2 History" program began in February 2012 and will continue to evolve. This is an ongoing program.
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